Carmen in Dartmoor Prison

Please see www.prisonchoirproject.co.uk for details

"Take a group of dispirited, demoralized and devalued men called convicts. Persuade them they can join together in producing a famous musical extravaganza that's good to look at and brilliant to hear. Do it in a barren, famously grim setting known as Dartmoor Jail. Make it a thunderous success. That's what the man from 'outside' did. He came among us one day with his passion for music, his prodigious ability and a committed energy that carried us along with him. 3 weeks later, he had inspired us beyond our dreams. We were in Seville helping to create those Spanish rhythms. We sang with Carmen, we tried to woo those achingly pretty 'factory girls.' We could feel the heat of the midday - and, yes, we had our day in the sun. Now the magician is gone. He and his theatre troupe - those enchanting singers and instrumentalists are a memory - gone to that great, free outside. But we whom you inspired, we'll never be quite the same again. Bravo, bravo, bravo.”

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